Yes, it is perfect to learn it from me. I provide two Prepaid Workshops for 2-5 people (~ 100 min). Please just bring your open mind to learn and practice. That is all.

Topic 1                  “Intro to Dowsing (pendulums).”

This process is deeply spiritual, but also a science-based, precise technique allowing the inquirer to get accurate answers to questions of either tangible or intangible nature. Ancient cultures traditionally used such Energy based on Sacred Geometry shapes. So, if you are ready to learn and use it, then it will be an excellent tool for the more precise understanding of your inner wisdom daily. I will provide advanced pendulums for your experience and training purposes only, but you can bring yours as well. Surprise yourself, be smarter and more sophisticated.

Topic 2           “Intro to Chakras Healing.”

I would recommend you to take this workshop after Topic 1, but it is up to you. You will learn and practice how to heal your chakras using pendulums in the usual way or short way. Also, you will learn how to choose the appropriate crystals or gemstones, where to place them for healing and how long it should stay. You should know, if you do healing for your chakras, then it will allow your physical body to heal itself by releasing stored energetic blockages from stress, disease or negative emotions. I will show with one of you how you can do it at home.      

Also, I would like to say to Crystal, Rainbow, Star, Golden teenagers/young adults that you are welcome for FREE.


 Please do it thru BOOKING.  BE WISER!