Finally, You are Here. Hooray!  I appreciate your desire to meet with me to help you.    Please Click Below for your Booking $ Payment for my service from $0 to $75, then       You have to scroll up-down to find the right session for you and click on it to follow.  MY MAIN PURPOSE IS TO HELP  MORE PEOPLE, THAT IS WHY YOU CAN GET:            1)  $20 off for any Prepaid Private Session, if you are a War Veteran or a Student.          2)  FREE Prepaid Private Session if you referred three clients before.                              3)  FREE Prepaid Group Session if you participated in 2 ones previously.                         4)  Some limited coupons for a Prepaid Private Session if you cannot afford it.                 5)  Plus limited FREE Private Session and  FREE Small Group Sessions!!!                   

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